Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All natural purifying room spray

In honor of the earth day I have decided to post a new natural beauty and home recipe every day until earth day!

So I like a fresh smelling room, but not a big fan of super parfumey room sprays. This spray is so easy to make and cost just a few cents if you have the oils already, if not they are worth investing in. Essential oils have many uses, from aromatherapy, to laundry additives, to curing skin care problems. They re natures way of offering is peace, cleanliness, and purity.

The tea tree oil in the spray serves as a disinfectant, and the lavender serves as a purifier. Theses two oils work in harmony to cleanse the air in your home. Use as you would febreeze or any other room deoderizer. This is just one simple way to have a lighter footstep on the environment and your wallet.

You will need:
32 oz.(give or take a bit) spray bottle of any sort try to re-use one
30 oz. of water
7 drops of tea tree oil
12 drops of lavender oil

fill water bottle put in drops and there you go

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